Nov5.National Donuts Day

November 5 National Donuts Day a day were you can go to your favorite bakery and bye you favorite doughnut. our growler cut up with student to asked them about their favorite donuts.


My favorite donut place is Krispy Kreme.Depends on my mood I sometimes like them stuffed or plain.I drink Coffee with my doughnuts.Not very often like every other month.I do like toppings because it gives it like a very good flavor. I like chocolate doughnuts.I think it’s a very good day for you to just have a treat for yourself.





Katherine Baeza, 11

I Like Dunkin Donuts.I like my donuts plain.I drink milk with my donuts.I do like toppings because i do. I prefer chocolate donuts.Its good i guess.







The only place i have really gone to get doughnuts is Bowie Bakery or Krispy Kreme.Yeah I usually drink milk or iced coffee or just regular hot coffee.Not often I actually eat donuts whenever I get the chance maybe like 2 two, three times a month.I do like filled donuts like the ones that are strawberry jelly and then the toppings I  like are usually sprinkles or cookie bits.Chocolate donuts.I think donut day is a national Holiday to celebrate because you know a lot of people do love donuts and its really good they get to celebrate.