Nov.16 National Fast Food Day

Irvin Duran and Nicole Fraire

A day were you can eat your favorite meals and no one can tell you nothing. Our growler cout up with student to asked them about their favorite meals to eat.

Moises Vasquez

My favorite fast Food is Pizza.I like going to Peter Piper Pizza.Sometimes it depends in the place where you are going to buy it.I would love it.Absolutely not food is not healthy. 










 Araceli Cano

I like Cheese burger.My favorite place is Whataburger. No because it is something we always enjoy so we buy lots of it.Absolutely no they are not healthy. 










Leyzza Moreno

My favorite Fast Food is Cheese burger.I’m not sure but my favorite places are Whataburger or McDonalds.It depends on the place and where do you buy it.No because I only eat fast food once a month. Some fast food are healthy but some are not.











Jorge Miñiz

I like Burgers.I like Burgers from Whataburger.yes because theres a dollar menu.No because isn’t healthy for your body.No i don’t think is healthy












Pricila Meraz

I love Chinese food specially Lo Mein.Pandas express it’s the place were I like going.Yes because that way sellers have more people buying their food.No because it would get boring, it’s better to eat different types of food everyday.No because it has a lot of grease on it