Unique Ways of Dressing

Emely Arango, Karla Rodriguez, and John Chavez

People all over the world, all ethnicities, religion, and/or race like to express themselves with all types of art. Types of arts, include, make-up, music etc. One style of art is dressing up, for example. their pick of clothing.Clothing brands, like, adidas, nike, forever 21, and artists, like, KanYe West, Louis Vuitton, Drake, Tom Hilfiger, etc. Unique styles is such an interesting story that hasn’t been told. Whether your type of style is common, unique, rare, or completely out of this world, we all have a story to tell, if some people are ungrateful to you don’t do the same to them, don’t forget the good things they did but don’t respect them.

“I feel very comfortable with my style, I feel like I am myself.” Ricardo Salgado said.

When he was asked about how he feels about his type of style, Salgado said that he feels relaxed, and more like himself when he talks about his style.

“Sometimes I see an artist that i frequently listen to, and I start dressing or like, vibing with their style.” Jose Gallarzo, 12, said.

Gallarzo said that he admired so much the artist that he start to dress or trying to get their styles.

“Pretty much everywhere, I buy clothes from the mall, but mostly from a couple Instagram stories”,Moises Vasquez said.

When asked where he buys his clothes.Moises said that he bought most of his clothes online, that that’s a new trend, and a new way to buy clothes these days.




Kimberly Robledo, 12th

“I dress like this because I don’t like to be basic, and I don’t really like to look like any of the people that are trendy. or like, the girls the way they are dressing. I started dressing like this when I was in middle school, I felt really uncomfortable, but that was what really helped me feel more comfortable with myself. I got inspired to dress like this because I really wanted to feel comfortable with myself and I feel like my clothes are representations of myself. I buy my clothes online or in Hot Topic.”

Naomi Dominguez, 11th

I dress like this because i feel comfortable, it’s not to show off or anything. I started dressing like this because I got influenced by friends, and the show “Friends”. I see a lot of people in Twitter and Pinterest, but mainly, 90’s show. I buy my clothes from goodwill, the thrift shop, or online shopping.”

Karanth Reyes, 12th

“I think it’s something that makes me stand out from the school. I started to dress up like this because I would watch Pinterest and T.V shows. I would say Instagram inspired me I guess, I started looking at pictures, models. I buy my clothes, at the mall, H&M, stuff like that.”

Jennifer Carrasco, 12th

I dress like this because I like it. Since I was a little girl I would dress the same way but at this moment I put more effort to my style. I don’t know how I started to dress like this, I’ve been dressing like this since a long time. I got inspired just by looking at the clothes I like.Y buy my clothes on internet pages like Shein or where a I see something that I like.”

Bryan Martinez, 12

I dress just depending on the mood I am, and also to wear more comfortable clothes, but I like to look different than everyone else. I started dressing like I dress because I like to express how I’m feeling at the moment, it expresses my personality to others. Is that, I sometimes see artists, that i like, and I dress like them. I buy things from them. I usually buy my clothes at Hot Topic or Forever 21.”