New Coach For Bowie Track!

Joel Cano, Writer

This year the Boys Track Team will have a fresh new start to the season. Due to the old head coach Andy Vale being promoted to Athletic Coordinator. They will be beginning their season with a new head coach Angel Estrada. Coach Estrada is also a coach for the varsity football team which provides him with the capacity and knowledge to be able to push this track team to the fullest. 

It’s an honor being here at bowie being such a traditional school I’m really familiar with the area and I’m in a big honor to be head coach and glad to be here,” Coach Estrada said. 

Athletes in the track team are really excited to begin the season because they believe that Coach Estrada can really coach them to better their season as opposed to last year.  

“Yes, having a new head coach would allow to learn new things and strategies to succeed this season,” Bryan Lopez said. 

They really believe that with Coach Estrada taking charge of the track team is a shoot for them to be able to deliver a perfect season. Coach Estradas athletes are really confident to be able to succeed and in his style of coaching. 

“I believe we will grow but I can’t really say he will make us better that will depend on ourselves,” William Carrassco said.