Winter Showcase

JacQuelyn Urrutia and Hector Montes

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December is the month that all the joy in the fine arts department projects as the winter showcase took place in December 9 in the Fine arts theater.

Jacob Rodriguez, theater teacher, said that for him, things went well and that each program had a spotlight and give their best.

I think it went well, we are always satisfied with what we do, but I think it was an excellent showcase, we did give a spotlight to  each programs that Bowie High School and their genre and what they do best so in essence it was great,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

Leo Rosales, a mariachi player, states that he showed that he gave all that he had to give a good performance and a good time and that with time his nervousness went away.

“I felt really nervous and after I performed all the nervousness went away when I started to play. it did make the performance successful because we have been practicing hard to show a good performance and I think it did pay off in the end,” Rosales said.

The preparation for this showcase has always being the grind and the real work shows how the fun of creating and acting.

“The preparation in the fine arts you know it’s the grind, that’s the real stuff. Seeing it finally on stage that’s when you have a good time, a celebration. But the real work is inside of those rehearsals and acts, if you don’t find that fun you don’t make it to the stage and the perfect ways to groups showcase themselves,”Mr. Rodriguez said.

Craven Chairez, a former mariachi player, said that he feels that he poured his heart out in the performance and give everything he got.

“I definitely do think it made the performance successful for that reason is that we pour our hearts into it and we gave everything we have and for me it was a success,” Chairez said.

Bryan Castaños, former mariachi player, states that his favorite moment while being on stage was that he could project his voice which is what he does best and have fun.

“I felt really nervous since I got to sing but at the end I felt really good. For me i think it did because I was working so hard to sing and give my best to give the people a good performance,” Castaños said.

Mr. Rodriguez states that as an artist he wants to keep improving and that this year a lot more students have really created an atmosphere that he has never seen before.

“ I think it was, you know I looked over Mr. Castañeda during one of the performance and I was like ‘wow man, look at these kids’ These programs are yielding some fruit, I was really impressed by the amount of kids. I’m not sure if last year we were quite as large of a showcase, it was still a good showcase but I think it has been growing and even in the performance level I just keep seeing it growth and that’s a very exciting to see as an artistic director,” Mr. Rodriguez said.