Bowie’s Dance Team Leader

Daniel Enriquez and Ivette Gallegos

The intriguing story of our beloved Bowie Dance Team Captain, Leslye Castorena. Although Castorena lives in Ciudad Juarez, Castorena still makes time for the activities she loves. 

“I have to wake up at 5 in the morning and I have to leave her and get home at 8pm because it really is stressful but it’s really worth it coming to school and having to dance,”Castorena explain. 

“I maintain my life together by trying my hardest and dedicating my time to each of my different things that I do,” Castorena said.

Castorena is the dance captain, mainly being the reason that she loves to dance, well dedicated, and intrigued to dance. It’s her greatest passion, which makes her a good candidate for the role.

“I love dancing its my passion its always been ever since I was a little girl so it’s not actually and obstacle for my lIfe it’s just been something to free myself form work and all this stressful things,” Castorena said.

Castorena believes that a captain is not a position but a role to motivate the team and others to become better and make them succeed .

“It’s not hard but it’s work so you have to work for it you have to be responsible,” Castorena said.

“Respectful, you have to be on top of everybody’s things, and make everybody have everything in order.” Castorena said.

This is Castorena’s 2nd year as Captain. According to her dance team members, she is an extraordinary captain, and she has many motivations and clearly loves what she’s doing. 

“All of a sudden it just inspired me to become a better dancer and a better version of myself than I was years ago,” Castorena said. 

Castorena has big dreams of becoming a better version of herself in life.

“What motivates me to graduate is knowin that I will become a better person in life and I can have a better future,” Castorena said.

Although, Castorena has a lot on her plate, she manages to handle everything.

“I don’t actually keep the separated i like to just incorporate everything so for example school i have my friends in school I socialize with my school and dancing is just my life so technically its all over the place,” Castorena said.