National Short Person Day

Elizabeth Rivera and Vianney Guardado

Itzel Duran

It is normal for me to be surrounded by tall people. It is normal for me, it is neither good nor bad for me. Nothing it doesn’t really matter. No they don’t bully me. No, I got used to be a short person.

Aileen Murillo

When I’m around taller people I fell kind of special because they treat me really  delicately. I think it’s good, because there’s nothing wrong being short, because it’s something that I personally don’t pay very much of attention. People always look at me like I’m a little kid and always talk about how I adorable I look because I’m short. No my friends do not bully me because like I said it’s normal to them because they are almost the same height. I would not like to be taller, I like my size and it’s not something I would change.

Arely Diaz

I only feel normal, my short stature when I am with taller people does not affect how I feel. No, because there are many complexions of different bodies and it is good to accept adapting to yours. Well, they always joke with jokes or other people because they are short people. Not really. Maybe yes, but a more average height because sometimes being short prevents you from reaching objects from higher places.

Natalie Flores

When I’m around tall people I feel super short, I always have to look up so that I could talk to them. Sad part is that almost everyone from my friends are way taller than me. In my opinion being short is bad because I always have a hard time to reach stuff and that always give me a hard time. People always ask that why am I so short or that why don’t I grow well I ask that question to myself too it’s probably because of my parents which they are not as that tall. My friends actually bully they even have nicknames for me like midget or chaneke. Of course I would like to be taller I think I wouldn’t have a hard time reaching for stuff or I wouldn’t look like a 12 year old.

Vanya Cardenas

I feel normal. It has its advantages to be a short person because I dance, and being a short one gives me the opportunity to be in the front when I’m performing. That I look like an elf. Not really. No, my height doesn’t bother me.