Football Season Recap

Joel Cano, Writer

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As the football season has come to an end the players are content with their personal outcome and the outcome of the team. The football team made history for being able to get a spot in the playoffs after 3 years of missing it. Starting the season the players had doubts about their ability to perform this year. 

“I think we did meet our expectations because we actually had low expectations but we never gave up,” Irvin said. 

Nonetheless, Coach Vale has taken over the position of head coach and really motivated the players and pushed them everyday at practice to give all their potential. 

“Yeah he was a really supportive coach and helped us by getting better each day in practice,” Victor said. 

With all of these factors on their side, they were able to not just make history but as well create memories in between that will go with them for the rest of their lives. 

“My favorite memory this season was scoring the first play of the game against Parkland and coming back to all my teammates all hyped,” William said. 

The football team was able to provide a good season for their school and also for the people supporting them. As the seniors were playing their last year they were able to leave with a good note and good memories that they can look back to.