National Cake Day NOV 26

Nataly Gonzalez and Naomi Dominguez

November 26 National Cake Day a day were you can enjoy your favorite cake. Our growler cut up with student to asked them about their favorite cake.

Yosselin Grado, 10

 I have never heard of it! My opinion about National Cake Day is that it seems very cool because who does not likes cakes? Totally store-bought cake mix because I love baking!I prefer cake because there are more varieties! I love the carrot cake because it reminds me of Autumn. I would say it depends sometimes I am in the mood for something really sweet, sometimes I am not!I would rather eat ice cream cake because I have never liked cheesecake. 








Fernanda Melendez, 10

I have never heard of it and I didn’t believe it existed and I believe there are better things to celebrate than cake.I prefer doing it myself because I pick certain ingredients.I prefer cake but if it is a pie I like then pie.I preferably like a marble cake.I like a small amount of frosting because then it is too sweet.I like both because they taste really good and it satisfies you.







Octavio Santana, 10

Idk I never heard of it before. It’s about cakes? A fresh cake of bakery.I prefer cheesecake pie. Because I love it my favorite.Chocolate is my favorite when it’s like wet. A little bit is fine, I don’t like a lot of sweat on my cake. Ice cream cake, it has the perfect combination.








Luis Picazo, 12 

I mean I never heard of it and I think it’s a pretty cool day to have a national day for cake.I prefer getting a fresh cake from the bakery because I don’t know how to make them.Pie because pie has more into it than cake I think.Pie because pie has more into it than cake I think.Nah I don’t like frosting like at all because I think it’s too much candy.An Ice cream cake because it’s f******g delicious.



Angie Salazar, 12

I haven’t heard it before but I think it’s pretty cool because a lot of people like cake so it’s an excuse to eat cake.A fresh cake because a store bought you never know how long it’s been sitting there like an hour or two- ew gross.I prefer a pie because I like to eat the filling like the strawberry fillings, I like to eat all that. I don’t like to eat cake.Chocolate ganache cake because I always see “Cake Boss” and he makes a really good chocolate ganache cake.A little bit because I think it’s empalagoso. An ice cream cake because cheesecakes are gross, it tastes like cheese.

Jose Gallarzo, 12 

I haven’t heard about it, I think it’s pretty cool that you can have a national day for a food. Especially cake because everybody eats cake.A fresh cake ‘cause I’m too lazy to make it. Well cake, but only tres leches. I do not like pie, pie’s kinda gross to me and then some cakes are really dry so it’s like- me empalaga.Oh favorite, I would just say plain vanilla. I don’t know, ‘cause sometimes chocolate is too sweet or sometimes anything else is too much. It’s simple.A little bit ‘cause people like sweeten their frostings way too much and it’s like…I don’t wanna die of diabetes.Cheesecake because it just tastes like a lot different to me and I like that it’s cold, but I like that it’s like compacted together, not falling separately like ice cream cake.