National Pizza Day

Naomi Dominguez, Writer

Daisy Sanchez

I don’t like it because pineapple does not go with pizza, It’s made for fruit salads and sweet desserts, pizza is made for meat, cheese, tomatoes, and that’s it. My go-to place is ‘Little Caesars’’ because it’s cheap, but if I had more money I would go to ‘Domino’s’ to get the little cinnamon rolls along with a pizza. I sometimes eat the crust, I sometimes don’t, I think it all depends if I have a dip to go with them after I finish the actual pizza itself. I would honestly buy a frozen pizza, because I don’t know how to make my own from scratch, and if I did, I think the aftermath would most likely suck.I like the pizza that has all the vegetables on them, like the green bell pepper slices, the red pepper, and yellow pepper on it. It’s just a really healthy type of pizza and it’s also so good.’

Alexia Corral

‘I actually have never tasted pineapple on pizza, but I think they would go well together because the sweet and salty flavors always work. I mean, everybody knows that the best pizza comes from Papa John’s or Peter Piper Pizza. My favorite place to go to first though, is Peter Piper Pizza because of all the games, like who doesn’t like to play games while eating pizza and getting grease all over the games? It depends on how much pizza I have, like if I have a bunch of slices then I won’t eat the crust because I’d get full a lot faster. I guess it would be way more fun to make your own pizza to see where you can mess up or where you can do better, as well as experimenting more with the flavors. My favorite toppings on a pizza would probably be sausage, pepperoni and olives.’

Moises Vasquez

I don’t personally like pineapple on pizza because it’s something that I don’t think goes on pizza at all. I would say I’d go to Pizza Hut first because I guess that the bread they use for their pizza is better than any other pizza place. I think it depends on the place where I eat pizza at, I only really just like the bread from Pizza Hut so that’s the only place I eat the crust at. I guess I would try to make my own pizza, just to personalize it a little more in the way that I want to. I don’t really have any favorite toppings, just whatever is fine.’

Katheryne Sanchez

No, I don’t like pineapple on my pizza because I think it’s kind of disgusting so it’s not really my type of pizza to eat. I mean, if it was inside the pizza then maybe I would eat it because it would be a different taste. Domino’s is my favorite place to go to first because the pizza is so crispy and I love eating there so much. Sometimes I throw the crust away because it could be too hard and stale-tasting, but most of the time I will eat the crust when it’s a little bit softer and the taste is a lot better. I honestly don’t trust myself to make my own pizza because I feel like I’d mess it up in so many ways, so I would rather just buy a frozen pizza from the store like at Walmart or some place like that, I think they’re very good from there. I don’t actually have any favorite toppings or cheese on pizza, I mean anything is fine if it tastes good together.’

Mia Felix

I do like pizza with pineapple because I feel like the flavor would become so much better since pizza is always salty, yet has that little sweet flavor to it with the sauce and adding pineapple to that would just elevate the flavor of a good slice of pizza. I have always gone to Peter Piper Pizza, ever since I was little it has always been my favorite place to go to because of all the games, the great pizza, and the overall ambience of the place. It really reminds me of childhood just walking in there. I do eat the crust because I feel like if you don’t eat the crust, then you didn’t actually eat and enjoy the full pizza. I also feel like it would just be a waste of food to not eat the crust. Well, I do think I would make my own pizza for the very first time because then I could be able to add all the ingredients that I want to add. I think that my favorite ingredients to add on a pizza would be chorizo, ham, pineapple, pepperoni, and maybe olives. I always get those types of ingredients.’