What Are Students New Years Resolution? pablo chavez and marisol combined

Anneth Correa, 9th Grade

‘My goal is to improve my grades because I don’t like having low grades and to also eat healthy so I can lose weight faster. I believe the most challenging will be raising my grades because in some classes it is difficult for me to understand. I want to get better in school in general because it is difficult to complete all the works, test and quizzes at the same time. To accomplish this I will go to tutoring and read a lot more books in English. It’s just a matter of commitment and to try hard everyday.’

Stephany Hernandez, 9th Grade

My main goal is to reach my expectations, become a better person and a better student as well. I think my most challenging goal will be to stay in school because I have a lot of personal issues. What I importantly want to accomplish is to graduate high school and become cheerleading captain for my senior year. I’m going to accomplish them by being a good person and student, make a better version out of myself.’

 Nazon Gonzalez, 9th Grade

My main goal for this year is to learn more english and pass all my classes so that I can pass to the next grade level. My most challenging goal is to pass all my classes because I struggle a lot with the language. I want to accomplish to learn more english because I think is something that’s going to help a lot in my classes and in general, and to reach it faster I’m going to study and read a lot.’

 Dilan Morales, 9th Grade

‘My main goal is to learn english and have a good diet because it’s for my own personal good. My most challenging goal is definitely the english language because I don’t understand some things. I specifically want to accomplish to learn and master english because it makes school harder for me not knowing the language. I can reach it in no time if don’t get distracted and do everything that’s necessary.’

Brayan Cuevas, 9th Grade  

My main goal for this year is to pass my STAAR test so that I can head to the 10th grade.Currently, my most challenging goal is to pass algebra so that I can save my last semester. I want to specifically accomplish passing all my classes so that i won’t have to attend summer school. Everything should be fine if I listen to my teachers and as they say.

Ricardo Chavez

‘One of my goals is making it to varsity basketball so I can show my abilities at a higher level, and to accomplish it, I will work hard. I failed my last years goal, the goal was to get straight A’s in my report card but I failed it. My expectations for this year is to pass chemistry because I have a 70 in that class. I don’t remember failing any other goals besides one to be honest.’

Alonso Cereces

‘My biggest goal this year is to do better in school and increase my grades. Paying attention in class and doing my homework everyday will definitely help me on the long run. My expectation for this year is to hopefully meet new people so that I can interact and be more social. Last time I failed a goal was two weeks ago when I did not go to mariachi practice.’

Ayleen Chavez

‘My goal this year is simple, to have better grades. I don’t think it should be that hard to accomplish, all I need to do is study and not be absent a lot. My expectations for this year is to get a job somewhere and get my own money. Last year I didn’t accomplish my goal, I didn’t have my grades as high as I wanted to.’

Osvaldo Gonzales

Some of my goals this year are passing all my classes to be able to get all my credits necessary. My expectations for this year is to make it to the varsity football team. I honestly don’t remember the last time I didn’t accomplish any goal, everything I set my mind to, I do it. The goal  that I missed last year is making it to the varsity team in football and I’m going to make sure that I will make it this year.’

Isaac Hernandez

‘My goals for this years is to pass all my classes and get extra credits. I’m going to accomplish these goals by paying attention in class and stop getting distracted by everything. One of my biggest expectations for this year are passing all my STAAR Tests and also pass all my classes. I remember not accomplishing a goal I set for myself, when I didn’t pass one of my most important classes, which was English class. Last year I used to get distracted a lot and I missed a lot of work, so that’s something I would like to improve this year.