National Hot Chocolate Day

Saul Enriquez and Vanya Cardenas

Gael Alvarado

Hot chocolate is an excellent way to get your body warm, also a good way to start the day. My preference on where to buy them are gas stations. I think that hot chocolate is delicious and it is well deserved for it to have a national day. Las time I had hot chocolate was one late cold night. My favorite combination to eat it with is donuts, I think they go very well together.’

Dillon Uribe

‘Hot chocolate is a very delicious drink, especially for the winter. My favorite place to buy hot chocolate is Starbucks. I think it is a very important drink, especially for a season like this, thats why it has a national day. I have it almost every morning, it is a very good drink for when you wake up. My combination is hot chocolate with cookies, they taste so good together.’

Michelle Vela

‘I hate hot chocolate, ever since I was little, I been traumatized when I burned myself with it. I don’t have a favorite place to get it from, because I don’t even drink it. I don’t think it’s an important drink, so I wouldn’t why it would have a day for itself. The very last time I had that drink, when I was a child, and since then I never had anymore.’

Evelyn Alvarado

‘Hot chocolate is the sweetest drink in the world. My favorite is from the brand Abuelita that my mom usually makes. The last time I had some was on Christmas, typical. I love hot chocolate, it’s a very good drink that I enjoy a lot.’

Stephanie Perez

‘I believe hot chocolate is the perfect drink for the winter season. I don’t have a favorite place that I go and get some, I like it from anywhere I can get it. It has a national day because lie I said, it’s a very good and important drink for a cold season. My favorite combo to eat along with hot chocolate is cake, I think the hotness goes well with the soft feeling of the cake.’