What Has Been The Hardest Class Seniors Have Taken?

Giselle Cano, Writer

Denise Barraza

“I would say my hardest class during all of my 4 years has been English 3 with Mr.Vasquez. It’s not that he gives out hard assignments or a lot of work, but he is a really strict teacher.”









Sergio Becerra

“My english class with Ms.Polette has been my hardest class so far. The classwork isn’t that hard at all to be honest, its just that I don’t understand them fully.”










Elian Gomez

“My hardest would be with Ms.Patino. It’s hard because if you’re late with an assignment, more and more stack up and you get behind on everything.”










Aaron Gurrola

“I would say my hardest class I ever took was BIM, and I can’t remember the name of the teacher I took it with. It was a challenge for me because I didn’t understand the way the computer worked and english was also a limitation.”