The Freedom to Love

Hector Montes and JacQuelyn Urrutia

When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart.

Mr. Jovanny Aguirre, school counselor, shares his experience with his relationship, which he said that he needed more time to get to know him and realize he’s the one.

“I did not fall in love at first sight, like many people believe it happens. I had to get to know him better and it may be a date to get to know each other to discover the little things we had in common. What caught my attention was that he knew how to cook. I loved every time he would cook,” Mr. Aguirre said.

Yulianna Salas, 1, said that she likes people for their personality, she doesn’t care about looks or physical attraction, she is into what their soul is like.

“I have been in a straight relationship. I’m for both genders and that’s because I fall in love with the soul rather than just something temporary like a night. It was a good relationship, an honest man, and someone to remember as a good person” Salas said.

“It’s always a very sweet thing but for my first relation- ship, I struggled because at that time we were immature and ignorant people that take things too seriously. Luckily, I was able to grow out of it.”

Bryan Castaños, 12, said that when he was in love, he always waited to see the person so that he could hug him and be happy.

“When I first realized I was in love, it was because I would always wait to see that person and hug him every day to make my day,” Castaños said.

Castaños said that first relationship was with a girl and even though he might have not been really in love, but now with his ex girlfriend they are now best friends.

Mr. Aguirre said that his first time experiencing love, he felt butterflies in his stomach and since they had some things in common and in something they can compliment each other.

“It has not been all sugar clouds in my past relationships. We had our differences and it’s okay not to like somebody even if they like you or vice versa. It is a little bit sad and when you like somebody and that person doesn’t like you back, but that is okay. We cannot force anyone to fall in love with you, the same as, you cannot be forced to like somebody. We just have to move on and continue with our journey, and when we least expect it, one will find that special someone,” Mr. Aguirre said.

Castaños came out to his mom about six months
ago. He was scared since his family is really religious and believes that being homosexual is bad. His mom found out when he was watching “El Corazón Nunca se Equivoca” where two guys, Aristoteles and Temo were kissing and his mom saw that scene and was a little skeptical about him watching that and eventually got mad.

“Then just before she left I asked, “what if I am gay?”. She came back afterwards and she was really mad about it saying she wasn’t going to accept me. The day after, when she got home from work, she woke me up, and had us talk about it, and ended up on better terms. I know
it was probably really hard for her, but I am happy she accepted it because I am really attached to my mom,” Castaños said.

Mr. Aguirre’s advice to all the LGBT students is to be strong, to know that it’s going to get better, that many people will not accept it but that’s okay because the first thing is to accept yourself and that is the first step that anyone has to work on for them to go grow stronger.

In addition, EPISD counselors became a person for students who may identify or question themselves to speak to. Those lanyards read EPISD ALLY, which means they are there for their students and to avoid any bullying or harrassment towards LGBT students.

“The lanyard represents power, it represents identity and it also represents that just like women’s rights were fought by women for the rights, I feel that everybody has the right to be treated equal in every aspect in life, so this shows the fight and that we have to continue fighting for our rights,” Mr. Aguirre said.