How Far Can Love Travel?

Vianney Guardado and Wendy Hernandez

People can deal with long distance relationships even though it can be difficult.

Not always does a long-distance relation- ship works, but in the case with Jessica Gon- zalez, 12, it was the opposite. Her relationship is still working, even though they are over 625 miles apart.

Even though many people meet through dating apps, Gonzalez and her boyfriend, Adrian, did not meet like that. They discovered another way to meet each other.

“We knew each other by Facebook, re- acting at each other’s memes,” Gonzalez said.

They have been officially dating for one year and two months, since Jan. 1, 2019.

“Our first date was Nov. 23, 2018. We planned to see each other by Facebook, that day we went to eat at Wing Daddy’s by Misiones (in Juarez),” Gonzalez said.

They see each other every time that he gets a vacation for four days in the weekends. He is a soldier in the army in Oklahoma so they chose to do a long-distance relationship because they didn’t have an option.

“Every time that he gets to come and see me, he drives nine hours, because he is coming from Fort Sill, Okla.,” Gonzalez said.

It’s been an eternity not seeing each other every day like other relationships.

“The longest time that we haven’t seen each other is right know. It’s been almost four months,” Gonzalez said.

Yet they still deal with the same issues as anyone else, although not face-to-face to beat them.

“We have had serious problems like any other couple. It is a little more difficult to solve them because we are far away, so if you do not want to talk about the problem, you just do not answer the phone. It is not like when you live in the same city and you can go look for them at home,” Gonzalez said.

But if you really love someone you are go-

ing to solve even the biggest problem in order to be together.

“Like any good relationship, we have been able to solve and get ahead, even if we are withdrawn from each other,” Gonzalez said.

As has become customary, they use the same technology as everyone else does to communicate with their loved ones.

“The way that we communicate with each other is by social media,” Gonzalez said.

The emotion of seeing someone in a long period of time may be gorgeous.

“Each time that we see each other is an em

otion because of the distance, we don’t see each other often. So when we see each other, we get excited,” Gonzalez said.