Carlos and Darlene

Joel Cano and Maleny Barba

Carlos Varela and Darlene Carrillo,
12, have been together for a year and
six months creating memories together,
and sharing each other’s life everyday.
The simplest dates for them were the most meaningful dates because they were able to get to know each other

“My most memorable date with Carlos was when we went to McDonalds. It was our first time going out together, and actually getting to know each other more,” Carrillo said.

Varela and Carrillo met their freshman year in Mr. Medina’s class. While meeting for the first time, they found certain attrac- tions towards each other that made them want to start a conversation.

“My first impression I had when I met her was that she had big lips which was some- thing that I really liked from her,” Varela said. After their first conversation, they started

to hang out more often. That made Varela more confident to believe that he wanted her to be his girlfriend.

“I felt confident about it because I knew that we were going to end up dating so I felt really sure about it,” Varela said.

Although Varela was pretty confident about asking her out, Carrillo was shocked when he asked her to be his girlfriend.

“I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was also in shock at the moment. I couldn’t really be- lieve it but I was really happy,” Carrillo said.

The two feel that their relationship is strong and unbreakable because they both know what they want and they motivate each other.

“We have a very open and honest relationship. We both know the direction we want to head in. We both feel very secure and happy,” Carrillo said.

With such a strong relationship, the two see each other in their future, achieving their personal goals along the way.

“I see each other in the future still loving each other and creating more memories together,” Varela said.

Carrillo is excited for what is coming their way as a couple.

“I see our future unbreakable, both of us going the right path and accomplishing our goals,” she said.