How Do You Know You Love Someone?

Vianney Guardado

 Carlos Perez, 12

“You know you love someone when you know you can do anything for that person. When you are only thinking of that specific person and you love every single
detail of them. I think good communication and trust is what makes a healthy relationship. I think true love can change you for the better.”

Gabriela Paez, 11

“You know just by feeling it, it is a distinct feeling but hard to describe. Communication and respect to one another are key. I think love can change you.”

Priscilla Martinez, 11

“I know when I love someone by starting to take care of what happens to that person. I think what makes a relationship healthy is trusting each other and respecting them, as well.”

Sebastian Martinez, 11

“Well, how the person treats you, and when you know they are comfortable with you. What makes a relation- ship healthy is that they are confident and not jealous.
I think that love its something that changes us in different ways and in different thinking.”