Family and Friends Obsession Confessions

Marco Torres , Ian Carrillo, and Gerardo Girad

It is interesting the different ways stu- dents have to spend time doing things that they loved as an obsession form. Valentine’s day isn’t only about love for a person or a group, it’s also about the love you can feel doing different kinds of things.

Yael Gomez, 1, said he plays video games for lots of hours. He’s been obsessed with it since two years ago because he likes to spend time playing with friends. Also he said that he doesn’t know exactly how many people he knows that are obsessed with it, but at least he knew a few.

“I am obsessed with videogames, it’s a way in which I can escape from reality and chill the whole day,” Gomez, 1, said.

Johan Gomez, 10, said he is obsessed in making art and has invested a lot of hours from his life making ar, ,he also is obsessed with video games but more in making art because he’s been doing that for two years.

“I’m obsessed with drawing, I don’t know, I just enjoy it. Since I was little I loved drawing and coloring stuff,” Gomez said..

Priscila Ortiz,1, said her obsession is drawing and painting for the past three
of four years. Every time she finishes her drawings, she gets a lot of support from her classmates and family and also from herself. That motivates her to do more art.

“Since I was little, the drawings and paintings have caught my attention. I think it is my only obsession, at least for now. It is a feeling after I finish a painting that tells me that I should still draw,” Ortiz said.

Since the beginning of broadcast net- works, people have been fascinated about how technology would increase over time from the special effects to their characters and the stories they could tell. But when children see TV for the first time, they either like it or hate it. Upon watching thousands of TV programs like cartoons, news and shows, it becomes their whole life.

Daniel Navarro, 10, said he finds TV very interesting and charming and has a deep relationship with his favorite show.

“My favorite TV show would probably be The Office. There may be one with the same excitement but I doubt there will be one as good as The Office,” Navarro said.

Navarro said that what makes a good TV show is something that always keeps you wanting more and feels upset about the cancellation of The Office.

“(It) keeps you wanting to watch the next episode and you finish the show before you even know yet I also feel kind of sad because The Office ended,” Navarro said.

Navarro said the last episode was the best of all the series even though almost all the series has something that can be adored.

“It is really funny and I think everyone who watched it has enjoyed it. The last episode is the best because they wrap it up really well and bring back old characters,” Narvarro said.

Kendra Escareno, 10, said she likes to watch TV and watches good, interesting TV shows.

“It is fun sometimes and well it just has to be interesting for it to be a good show,” Escareno said.

Escareno said she doesn’t like when her favorite TV show gets canceled, not like Grey’s Anatomy.

Escareno said she would recommend shows like Grey’s Anatomy to anyone.

“Some shows I would recommend are my favorite show or even Fosters because they’re fun and interesting to watch,” Escareno said.

Michelle Mendoza, 10, said she likes watching Casa del Papel because she doesn’t get bored or stay on the phone all day.

Mendoza said that she undergoes a journey of emotions watching each episode.

“In the last episode of the second sea- son, it causes me to have a lot of emotions in a short time,” Mendoza said.

Mendoza said that she will recommend Casa Del Papel but will take time to get used to but it gets great as the show goes on.

“It took time but after watching it, i felt more brave and more hard of emotions watching TV shows,” Mendoza said.