Friends Till The End

People in sports have a lot of pride, and students always look at them, but as a school they also have different groups who have the same pride. Some groups aren’t as involved but still find a bond to mesh together.

Stephanie Perez, 1, said when she was in seventh grade at Guillen Middle School, she met Dillon. They didn’t even have a class together, they just saw each other on the hallways because Perez had choir in front of the guitar class that Dillon had.

“He just seemed like a nice person, I wanted him to be my friend, and eventually he became,” Perez said.

Perez said when she was a freshman, she met Joseline in algebra class with Mr. Flores. Joseline was the type of girl that will always make you laugh, and Stephanie and her complemented each other very well. “One time Mr. Flores separated us, and Joseline started to laugh so hard that I couldn’t handle laughing, too,” Perez said.

For the most part they met in middle school, and they have been together since then, they have been together on a journey of discoveries, and joy.
Karen Vela, 1, said that during her freshman year, she met Vanya Cardenas, 1. They had a few classes together, and they enjoyed lunch time together.

“I met Vanya in Juarez, well at least I knew she existed, but not personally until we started high school freshman year,” Vela said.

Vela said after the fall semester one friend of hers named Danna introduced to her Perez, Joseline and Dillon. She was and

still is a shy, and introverted person, so she didn’t get along as quickly as she did with Cardenas, but eventually they became friends.

“I noticed that we had different person- alities, but I thought we could get along very well,” Vela said.

Cardenas, said that she remembers when one time during lunch they had speakers with music, and Karen went to pick a song for her to dance. It was “Machika” by J Balvin.

Cardenas knew the choreography, and another girl came in, and it became some type of dance battle. They recorded them, and uploaded to Facebook and it went viral.

“It was my time to shine, but I was really embarrassed, but it was a great memory,” Cardenas said.

Sebastian Carrillo, 1, said when he was in seventh grade at Guillen when he joined the band class. In that class, he met Octavio Santana, 10, who played the trumpet just like Carrillo. Later, Santana introduced him to a friend named Julio.

“At first I thought that Julio and Octavio didn’t like me, and they only talked to me because we had classes together,” Carrillo said.

Santana said that he remembers when they used to have a class together and they used to talk a lot during that class. They sometimes annoyed other students, even the teacher.

“In sixth grade, we were assigned to sit together, then the teacher separated us because we played too much, but we did our work, though,” Santana said.

Julio Martínez, 10, said when he first met Santana, and Carrillo, his first impression wasn’t good at all. He continuously said that they kept looking angry.

“At first I didn’t like them because they didn’t look very friendly,” Martinez said.

Carrillo said his best memory was when there was a time when they left band practice, and suddenly out of nowhere an old man came out. He didn’t want to pass next to the man, he was really scared.

“The rest of the way home we were all laughing at how I didn’t want to pass just because of the man,” Carrillo said.

Having a relationship is very important for some people because people need somebody to hear or give advice. That relationship is important because the person can be your confidant, BFF, girlfriend or boyfriend.

A true friendship is Araceli Cano and Jackie Urrutia, 12, who have been best friends for six years.

“We met at Guillen Middle School in eighth grade by a friend we had in common and at first Jackie was not really liking the idea of me hanging out with them and we started to hang out more. We became good friends then coming to Bowie we became best friends.,” Cano said.

Cano said that the best way for them to resolve their problems is talking about the problem and search- ing for a solution.

Another friendship that is a true friendship is Ashley Gurrola, 1, and Josue Munoz, who aren’t in the same high school but their friendship began in middle school in Juarez.

“He was a new student in middle school and he didn’t talk with anybody, and I was the first person to talk with him and he and I met our defects and qualities, and always he helped me and I helped him and we decided to be best friends,” Gurrola said.

Daisy Cuellar and Sanahy Mustamante, 10, also

have been friends for a long sevent years. But they’ve had conflict, as any friends may have.

“So one time I went out with Daisy, and there was girl that I don’t like. Because of her fault Daisy and I fought and the next day I went to her house she get mad and we stop talking,” Mustamante said.

After talking it out, they realized they want their friendship to last forever because they have a great thing going.

Best friends should be people who you trust and have fun being with them. That’s why it should be import- ant to have one,and to tell what you think about yours.

Isaac Hernandez, 10, said the characteristics that he looks for a best friend are being funny, friendly and that can back him up

“The thing that I like about him is that he likes to do what I like to do like playing soccer or Xbox,” Hernan- dez said

Hernandez said In his opinion it’s not important to have a best friend, but he also mentioned that people need some friends so they won’t be alone and they have someone that can back them up or help them.

“When I’m with my bestfriend I spend like five or six hours with themdepending on the day,” Hernandez said.

Osvaldo Gonzales, 10, said some of the character-

istics that he looks for in a best friend is that he has to be funny.

“The thing that makes my friend unique is that he always makes me laugh,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said one of the ways to show his love to his best friend is making them laugh.

“When i’m with my best friend I’ll spend all my school time with him,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said that it’s important to have a best friends so that you can have some communication with somebody, for example how their day was.

Luis Castanos 10, said that what he looks for in a best friend are different characteristics.

“What I look for, in a best friend is a person who I can trust, and have a good time,” Castanos said.

Castanos said that what makes his best friend unique is that he has very good grades and that he plays basketball.

“A way to support him is by going to his basketball games,” Castanos said.

Castanos said that the friendship that he has with his best friend has been for nearly seven years.

“I remember the first time I met him. I remember that the teacher put us in the same group and then we start- ed talking. All this happened in third grade and after the

class ended i remember we went to lunch and started playing sports together”

Castanos said that he passes mostly all of the day with him in school, and sometimes after school.

“Sometimes you just need someone to spend time with,” Castanos said.

Castanos said that the day that he had a good day with his best friend was when they went to Western Playland.

Sasha Giron, 10, said that what she looks for in a best friend is someone who is funny and chill.

“What makes my bestfriend unique is that she is very cringe,” Giron said.

Giron said that the way to express love for his best friend is being there for her.

“I have known my best friend Sherlyn for almost eight years but we started being best friends in seventh grade,” Giron said.

Giron said that it’s important to have a best friend because they’re the ones who you can tell your secrets to and won’t criticize you.

“I spend almost the whole day with her,” Giron said..