JROTC Receives Top Honors at Inspections

JacQuelyn Urrutia, Hector Montes, and Erick Sanchez

There is no such thing as magic to achievement. It’s really about the hard work, choices and persistence.

The Bowie JROTC on Tuesday, Jan.
29 had their annual inspection and were awarded the gold star by having a 98.05% on the different areas tested. Chief Mario Garcia said that his students have met his expectations, and even exceeded them.

“From our perspective, I’m just the provider, the cadets are the ones who run the show and I think that they are based on the result we got from the inspection, they did great. We have great leadership. My expectations are always the same, but these guys, the students, the JROTC members meet the expectations and exceeded the expectations,” Garcia said.

Vanessa Monreal, 12, is a leading member of the JROTC program, and said they are very proud of this award because they worked hard to get it.

“We won the Gold Star and it rep- resents discipline and honor because it is the

golden star. There are three levels and we won the highest one,” Monreal said. Garcia said that

they prepared by having a first hand on what they had to do and with help of discipline and planning they made it far.

“I think we did more than what every- body expected so that’s really good. We prepared really strictly because it is more based on discipline, so by having a lot of discipline, I think that’s what really stood out and we did great,” Monreal said.

From all EPISD, we were the only school who hasn’t had the golden star in three years.

“Everybody in Bowie’s JROTC won the Honor Unit Extension, which means that we scored above 95% overall of the different fields that were inspected: color guard, formation, uniform, JROTC knowledge. that’s the kind of stuff we competed or that we were tested on, also personal portfolios and that’s the part that we underwent and we got that 98.05,” chief Garcia said.