Thank A Teacher

Jazmin Contreras and John Chavez

Karanth Reyes

“I would like to thank Mr. Rodriguez from new tech. I want to thank him because he has been through my high school journey helping me develop the person I am now days, helping me to be a responsible student and a top student. To me, he is an amazing person because he doesn’t just help me academically wise, but he is always there for me to listen to what I have been through. He is a good person to talk with, a very good listener.”

Hazel Soto

“I want to thank Alex Hernandez from the Go Center. I want to thank him because he has been the one to guide me through scholarships and college, even though it seems like probably nobody takes that into account, I really do because without him I would of been lost. I believe that he is my mentor and I can count on him on anything, I know that if I need something or any favor, he will be glad to help me.”

Grace Vargas

“I want to thank Mr. Barragan. I want to thank Mr. Barragan because during my Junior year I had him for Dual Credit Pre Calculus and he tried his best to help me. At the beginning of the semester I thought I wasn’t going to even pass the class so I thought of getting out of that class but I talked to him about that issue and he tried to work with me and help me the best he could. At the end of the class, I managed to pass the class with an A thanks to him. He means a lot to me because he helped me when I didn’t understand something and helped me realize the things I am capable of accomplishing.”

Amber Macias

“I would like to thank Mr. Beck, he is part of the student activity committee. I like to thank him because he got me more involved in the school. Also, because he made my senior year more eventful. I am glad that I was able to meet a teacher like him because he made get out of my comfort zone and made me experience what is the meaning of a true friendship within a group.”

Yamileth Rodriguez

“I want to thank Mr. Olague. I want to thank him because he has always given me guidance when needed when it comes to my artwork. I know that if something is troubling me I can go with him for advice and won’t be judgmental about the issue.”