National Cereal day

Marisol Gollaz, Writers

Craven Chairez, 11

My favorite cereal is fruity pebbles mostly because I use to eat it alot as a kid. Every other day, like if I eat it on tuesday I would eat in on thursday. It depends on what cereal you eat like if you eat super sugary cereal is not that healthy for you. I can eat 2 depending if I ate the night before. Cornflakes because their  basic and dont have alot of sugar. 

Daniel Enriquez, 11

My favorite cereal is fruit loops because they remind me of my childhood and I think is a pleasing favor. I usually eat cereal every morning. I usually eat cereal every morning. I can eat around 3 or 4 cereal bowls but it depends if how hungry I am. I would say Cheerios because it helps diabetic people. 

Deyuan Arias, 10

My favorite cereal is coco puffs because I like how it leaves my milk chocolaty. I eat cereal really often like everyday. Eating cereal every morning is not healthy but I still enjoy it. I can only eat one bowl because i feel that eating more than one makes me sick. I agree that Kellogg’s cereal is the most healthiest.

Mia Felix, 12

My favorite cereal is Zucaritas because when I was younger I always ate that cereal. I often eat cereal everyday. Yes, because I think having something in your stomach is good and cereal is not something bad to eat every morning. I think about 3 cereal bowls depending how hungry I am. I think Zucaritas is the healthiest.

Olian Gonzalez, 10

My favorite cereal is Coco Puffs because I like chocolate.I honestly eat cereal every morning. I think eating cereal everyday is not healthy because you have to eat other things that are not as sweet.I can only eat 1 on bowl of cereal. I agree that fiber one is the most healthiest.