Larger Team, Smaller Times

Daniel Lopez, Writer

Under a new coaching regime as coach Andres Vale took over football, the boys track team made it a point to recruit more and build their numbers.

“The expectation was to compete in every track meet. The boys rose to the challenge and their times and distances showed it every week,” coach Roman Estrada said.

The season began earlier than usual, which meant they didn’t have some baskeball players who still were in season or not cleared. They were also waiting for soccer to finish, although they were playoff bound.

A lot of athletes that were there from day one were football players who were familiar with coach Estrada, but not to him in track, yet.

“Track this year was different because we had a new head coach so that means new rules and new ways of doing things,” Jose Meza, 11, said.

As more and more athletes began joining after each track meet, those that had experience began challenging themselves.

“This year felt different in track because of my mentality. This year I pushed more and had some pretty good results,” Aaron Ramirez 10, said.

As each track meet ended the boys would look forward to their next meet by improving individually and as a team to accomplish more events .

“Each meet individually and as a team we were improving, And my goal was to improve each meet,” Adrian Toney 12, said.

The boys and girls were one meet away from the district when it was cancelled due to COVID-19.

“I mean it’s kind of sad the season ended early but I feel bad for the seniors more. Hopefully we can run next year,” Ramirez said.

The athletes were really hoping to make noise at districts in early April.

“My expectations for district were kind of high. It’s the last race and I wanted to go all out on relays, individual runs and jumps,” Ramirez said.

Athletes are now hoping for everything to get better and have come to accept their fate.

“I wish it didn’t end early. I was having a lot of fun and looking towards district and regionals and all that,” Toney said.