Impact of Covid-19

Spring Break is a time for relaxation, time to catch up on work, spend time with family, or enjoy your free time doing your hobbies. However, 2020 spring break was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with closures around the whole country.

Araceli Cano, 12, said that at first she thought the extended spring break was going to be great.

“I honestly thought it was going to be great since we would have more vacation and I wouldn’t have to go to school for a couple of weeks,” Cano said.

Amber Macias 12, said that she was unable to go through with her plans for spring break because of the pandemic.

“I was unable to follow any of my plans since I was not allowed to leave my house,” Macias said.

Lesslie Alonso, 12, said that she was excited for the long spring break until she started to feel the boredom in her.

“It does feel bad because I do get bored being inside all the time since I repeat the same routine over and over,” Alonso said.

Cano also said that all this commotion of not letting people out and being in quarantine is affecting her by not being able to cross the border or leaving her house at all times as she used to.

“It started to affect me because I couldn’t go outside as I used to and I couldn’t go to El Paso,” Cano said.

Macias said that now with this pandemic her parents are a lot more cautious about the whole situation and spray her with disinfectants and also medicate her.

“It makes me feel caged in and I really just want to leave. I now have a smaller attention span and get bored easier,” Macias said.

Alonso states her family and her personally are taking precautions with the pandemic and just washing their hands and doing everything they can to stay healthy.

Cano’s said the worst part about being quarantined is not being able to create memories as a senior with her classmates and not being able to see her friends.

“It has impacted my life since I’m a senior and it was supposed to be a memorable year for me and having a great time with my friends but I guess it was kind of ruined,” Cano said.


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