Resilience in Numbers

The golf team went through huge overhauls and changes this year. With less players from last year plus new coaches in the middle of the season, they still found a way to improve on their skills while practicing and being with their coach for advice and technique. 

“My season was great, I improved so much since my freshman year” Katherine Sanchez, 12, said.

Four golfers stuck it out from day one this season: Sanchez, Ashly Reyes, 12, Ivan Tena, 11, and Johnson Corona, 10.

These golfers have been part of the team for awhile now, from at least last year, so their improvement and memories have defined them.

“The most memorable moment was when we had the boys and girls tournament and we were able to be together and support each other” Reyes said.

Tena said he found a way to improve by making adjustments to his own game.

“My season was pretty good. I started with a ruff start hitting in the 100s but recently with the last two tournaments, I had gone into the 80s with nothing but my seven iron,” Tena said.

The season for golf begins in November as one of the longest seasons for any high school sport but their biggest event, the district tournament, doesn’t take place until the last days of March.

However, just like other sports going on in the spring, that tournament and a few others were cancelled. The two seniors said they were sad to hear the news for not only the district tournament but for their tournament trip to Ruidoso.

“I really miss going to ascarate and practicing while getting advice from my coach to improve my swing,” Reyes said.

Reyes even said she kept practicing with the hopes that it will return before her high school career is over.

“Yes I have worked on my skills during this break and i would say i have improved a lot” Reyes said.

Tena still has another year to improve and has big goals for his game.

“I am working on getting a scholarship at some point so I could go somewhere with my golf career. I’m really good at playing golf and I’m the captain of the golf team so I think I can bring it somewhere where it will be worthwhile,” Tena said.


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