Proving Their Titles

Vanya Cardenas, Staff Writer

As excited as the baseball team was to winning a fourth district title in a row, they were unable to do so but in a very unprecedented way.

As soon as the team took the field for the new season, they knew they would be the team to watch, despite losing a large senior class.

“It was going to be different because we have a lot of new guys but it was still going to be the same because we were the favorites to win a district championship for the fourth time in a row,” Juan Camacho, 11, said.

The team felt they proved to be the district favorites despite playing very few games, as the season was called off following their March 13 game due to COVID-19.

They opened the season with a loss against Socorro but bounced back to win the Burges tournament Feb. 27-29 and defeated Irvin to open district play March 10. They were in the middle of their own tournament at Bowie when it was called off.

“Honestly I believe it sucks that the season got postponed and there is nothing we can do,” Carlos Varela, 11, said.

Eduardo Ramirez, 12, was optimistic the season would resume because he was having a great season.

“Honestly I think as a player I would enjoy the last game because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow but I would like to come back and play once again at the school,” Ramirez said

Ramirez was a starter at second base every game and said he was excited for the season to come but when it was cut short, his joy went away.

“I was desperate for the season to come and I think that when I arrived I was happy but afterwards with this pandemic I ceased to fade,” Ramirez said.

As a senior, Varela said he’s upset the season was cut short but has come to accept it as time has passed.

“I hate the fact that the season has been cut because of what’s going on, but I understand it so I just accepted the fact that we’re probably not going to play but I’m happy because my last game I did really good,” Varela said.