By their sides, from the start


Andrea Marquez, Writer

It wasn’t just the characteristics that coach Stephanie Quintero brought with her that changed the team. It was also those that bought into her system.

Three years ago, Ashley Lugo, 12, met coach Quintero and by her side, they helped bring a new mentality to the team.

Back when coach Quintero first arrived would, players would miss games and practices, so she needed someone to be the voice for the players. Lugo took that lead and made an example of being committed and caring about softball.

“My coach is a person who I can rely on when needing any educational help and at points, emotionally. She has taught me a lot on how to become a bigger person and to be ready for the real world I’m going into,” Lugo said.

“Lugo helped be a voice to the girls leading by example that I may be tough but I always meant well and wanted the best for the team,” coach Quintero said.

This season seemed to be a good one, players were committed and wanted the best for the team. The season looked like one of the best the softball team could have.

“I think this year would have been a more successful year for us if we were given the longer season,” coach Quintero said.

All those years weren’t for granted, it helped Lugo grow as a better person, after committing to the sport since her freshman year. This last season was canceled a few games in, which made everyone be precautious. The sadness and disappointment is something to expect from all the players and coaches who got their season canceled.

“Having a short season hit me hard this year because it was my last year playing, I didn’t get the full experience,” Lugo said.