A Head Above the Competition

This year’s boys soccer team will be determined by the success they had when they were able to control what they could.

“This year’s team is more mature and that helps us in the mood to be able to progress as a team,” Kevin Ibarra, 12, said.

This year the team had more seniors which gave them an advantages because those players had more experience and knew what exactly to do during a hard game. They knew how intense the games would be and obviously the expectations coach Arnold McElroy had for them.

“The way I want them to play, I want them to high press so I expect them to high press and then I expect them to drag back and form a block when we defend. That is something that they have to absolutely do and I expect them to be in the right positions when we are going to counter attack,” coach McElroy said.

The team finished in second place at 11-4, two games back of district champion Andress. They clinched their third playoff berth in a row a few weeks before that.

“It’s always great to make the playoffs. I’m very happy that we’re always the goal of the season to at least make the playoffs,” coach McElroy said.

The team shook off a poor 1-2 start to the district season to win eight in a row before their loss in penalties to Andress. Even though they lost a very difficult game against the Eagles, they weren’t able to end as district champions but still had the opportunity to win during playoffs .

“I really work hard and always try to give the best for the team, playoffs are a good opportunity to win trophies and that’s one reason why we play,” Cristian Rodriguez, 12, said.

Sadly the boys, as many other spring sports did, had their soccer season cancelled a day before their last regular season game because of COVID-19, which made a big impact on them. They didn’t get the opportunity to repeat their playoff glory but can still call their season a success.

“I feel sad to know that all the effort of the season is going to the trash as we try very hard to make it to the playoffs,” Ibarra said.