Reaching for Regionals


Naomi Galvan, Writer

This year, coach Anthony Huerta is trying to involve all of his students to get the same practice and have the experience to play and get more choices. Students are doing their best in the spring season, a time they prefer to the fall.

“I just want to make sure that all the kids have a lot of chances to play, so I try to train them for as many games or tournaments so they can get a lot of experience because the more they play, the better they get,” coach Anthony  Huerta said.

Yamileth Rodriguez, 12, said there is more practice weeks and every time they do better with more experience, it has also helped to have more students involved in this sport.

This helped the team a lot because it shows how important it is and the school can start to support them much more than other years.

One of their brights spots was winning the Bowie tournament in February, which gave them a lot of confidence and was a good measuring stick for them.

“I was happy because we beat some boys who went to regional, which means that we are closer to getting there,” Manuel Trevizo 12

This means that every time they are closer to the regional competitions, and it’s when all of their efforts can show.

Rodriguez said she’s enjoyed the sport since she joined years back and her team keeps her motivated to keep going. For her, it’s really realistic the idea of being better.

“My goals for this year were to be better than other years and be more efficient,” Rodriguez said.

Coach Huerta believes his team made improvements because of one simple difference this year: he was on campus.

“I think it helped out that I came on campus because last year I was at another school so it helped being around with kids all day making sure they are going to class and passing their classes,” coach Huerta said.

The team also had a few new faces with even four freshmen joining. It took awhile for them to get the hang of the sport but they did manage and improved all season.

“My biggest obstacle is just having the kids when in and that way the more they practice they want to get better but takes a while happen,” Coach Huerta said.

The team was interviewed prior to spring break, but because of COVID-19, they had to cancel their San Antonio trip and didn’t compete in districts. Before the announcement, they were happy with the way the season was going, regardless.

“At the moment, I am happy with the results of this season. It is way better than I expected it would be,” Trevizo said.