Bowie student-athletes, coaches return amid pandemic


Kaylee Baray

On September 8, 2020, student-athletes were allowed to return back to school for practice. We asked one of the coaches for their opinion on the situation where they let student athletes go back to school during this pandemic.

Coach Pantoja, one of the varsity volleyball coaches at Bowie High School, thinks it has affected everyone differently depending on their home situation. A lot of students do not have support at home and end up falling behind. Many students say they are overwhelmed.

Teachers are also very stressed and overwhelmed. They had to adjust to working at home, which can sometimes be very lonely. It has also affected older people because they are feeling more isolated. Pantoja says taking care of her own health is a key on staying safe and keeping all the players safe. “I also got a COVID test to make sure I didn’t have it. Also, by wearing a mask and buying pocket sized hand sanitizer. For the players, we have to make sure their temperature is taken, they have a mask on, and send anyone home who isn’t feeling good,” she said.

Pantoja adds that she thinks it is safe because they will be wearing masks and taking care of themselves when athletes aren’t playing. For example, eating right, taking vitamins, getting enough rest, washing their hands and wearing a face mask. If she were to get the virus, she said she would do the right thing of staying home and isolating herself, being very careful not to spread it to anyone.

“I am worried about this pandemic, because I wouldn’t want anyone to get it and spread it out. I’m not worried about me getting it so much because I don’t have contact with a lot of at-risk people,” Coach Pantoja said.