Campus reopening dispute at Bowie High School


Photo Credit: El Paso Times

Lizzette Valdez

If you are a Bowie student, then you are probably one of many others who are wondering what this school year is going to be like. Due to 2020, we can all agree that things have been changed and is different from any normal school year.

However, not all of us approve of how EPISD is handling the situation. Although they are trying their best to satisfy as many students as possible, it’s still very difficult for them to do so because they are limited to the options that they can take.

In consideration of the pandemic, students no longer have the option to personally go to school for the whole year. As of right now, we are given two options: going half-virtual and half in-person, or simply just all virtual. Now, there are still questions that the students are asking aside from how we are going to be learning. Well, to answer some of those burning questions, what better way to get that information from none other than a Bowie student!

Bowie High School sophomore Sayra Lopez believes the school should reopen because some students aren’t engaged as much virtually as they would in person. Lopez states,” It’s better to go to school personally because it helps with studying and focusing better.”

Although, she is still mindful that another outbreak might occur in Bowie, she thinks as long as everyone follows all the necessary guidelines then it shouldn’t be a problem.

On the other hand, unlike Lopez, some students think the opposite is better. Sophomore Nuvia Chavez believes that the school shouldn’t reopen because the virus is still pretty active. Chavez thinks it’s better to stay home and learn virtually to be on the safe side from making the virus worse.

”Learning virtually lets us work in the comfort of our own homes and prevent us from spreading the virus to our families,” she says.

As you can see, not all students agree on the same thing. This shows why it’s hard for EPISD to give everyone what they want. Even though there are a lot of things happening, we have to stay positive and realize that the virus isn’t a joke. Everyone has to be aware that any minor thing that they do can affect someone else drastically. So, all you have to do is take care of yourself, your family, and this will all be over before you know it.