Effects of COVID-19 on athletes’ lives


Xochilth Gaona

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people all over the world, including local athletes.

Blanca Sanchez, who plays for the El Paso Del Norte City League, says her team has definitely had a different season this year compared to the others. “It has really felt like no other, but I’m glad they are still letting us play because many other sports weren’t allowed to,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez adds that things are also different because of a change in coaching staff. “I think this is why it also feels so different, not only because of the pandemic, but because we also have a new coach who has really helped us through the season a lot,” said Sanchez. She also mentioned that this had been their most winning season because he’s a really good coach and had helped them each improve their skills as players in soccer.

Still, Sanchez said the pandemic is bringing several changes to the team. “Nothing about the game changed, inside the field everything is the same but outside in practice we keep our distance and wear our facemask when we need to,” she said.

Sanchez thought it was sad how they had to keep a social distance from each other. They have played for a few years together now and never had to do that with each other, she says that’s what makes it feel so unreal and different. Sanchez claimed the pandemic made the season shorter. “We usually start the season after soccer season from school is finished, but this year it wasn’t that way since we had to be quarantined,” she said.

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, Sanchez says joining the soccer team was a good decision. “I knew it was a risky choice, but in my opinion, we can’t stop doing everything. Life still continues, joining was fine with me because we social distance use facemask and hand sanitizer, although it’s all so different we still play the same on the field and soccer is the only thing that distracts me from the pandemic and the only thing I’m still allowed to do.”