El Paso animal shelters help prevent pet overpopulation

El Paso animal shelters help prevent pet overpopulation

Brandon Camacho

Dog shelters are a great way to keep the pet population in a safe area for a while but, in the long run, can also be a source of damage for the canines. This is why it is important for people around the city to start giving these loving creatures a chance in our lives. These dog shelters are ambassadors for healthy animals which helps stabilize the pet population as well as increase the well-being of society.

Nevertheless, such shelters can affect the dog population by euthanizing these pets in order for them to have space for more incoming animals. This is why it is important for one to adopt such caring and lovable pets because not only would a life be saved but there would be more space for other animals in shelters to be placed temporarily.

This is why I have conducted an investigation by interviewing my young sister since she has been through the process of adopting pets from shelters. Amy Camacho, 13, is planning to adopt another pet. Camacho believes adopting animals is a great way to help the city environment because this way the shelter population is decreasing in a positive way! Amy feels positive and like she is part of something greater by contributing in saving lives.

 “Adopting pets is way better than buying them because this way we are giving chance of a family and home to an animal in real need. Most of the time pets who are being sold is because they have an owner with a fair income to support them and it becomes more of a business,” Amy said. She believes adopting dogs is one of the best options for adoption because there is more of this species abandoned and is the most affected by humankind.

Furthermore, Amy is in full support of adopting dogs and other animals from shelters. She indicates that visiting them once a month would be a great idea to help shelters by supporting them with food and allow for longer lives in these pets and believes that maybe there can be a chance to find the correct pet if that’s what one believes in. Camacho is very supportive of this idea of helping out and recommends we help by rescuing pets if found alone in streets.

“There are plenty of shelters here in El Paso and I recommend people do visit the Humane Society of El Paso. I can’t express enough how impressed I was with the entire process. They call you to interview you in order to make the best recommendations. You tell them which animals you want to meet, and they let you know if they think they’ll be a good fit. But you get to meet three dogs per appointment. They take you to a nice dog run and bring each to meet you and spend time with you. I fell in love immediately with the first one they recommended. They truly care about these animals and have an amazing facility. This has to be the most organized and well-kept humane society I’ve ever seen,” Amy said.

Dog shelters are great ways to keep the hope of animal leaders that one day each and every pet can have a loving home. Camacho is determined to eventually help out shelters when she becomes independent. “I admire all the great and heart of truth leaders that are caring for such shelters. Great admiration is all for them for always keeping in mind these loving animals and being prepared when needed the most,” Amy added.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind these places for there is still hope in everyone’s heart at a second chance at happiness. The loving idea needs to transcend by having the will to bring action and adopt a pet. Most importantly, everyone can help out these loving homes of shelters by sending in food and other resources as clothes to help keep these animals more time in these shelters. Now, in these uncertain times, is when many families need the neverending love and affection that only animals can give.