Bowie High School senior describes effects of pandemic

Bowie High School senior describes effects of pandemic

Andres Moreno

It is no secret that this year has been filled with many unexpected events. One of those events has been a disease that has changed our way of living in ways that nothing has ever done so before. In just a few months, we went from living life good, to not even being able to safely go outside.

Fun activities like going to parks, going out with friends to eat, or simply going shopping have all been made dull. Many people have lost jobs, others have lost homes, and unfortunately others have even lost family members. Never in our lifetime had we been forced to live life with such precaution, and who knows how much longer we’ll have to keep living like this.

Even school has been cancelled, and we all know that even if the sky is falling our school officials will not cancel school. Everyone’s daily habits have been forced to change, and Bowie High School senior Fernanda Mendoza is expressing how she has been personally affected by this pandemic.

1.How has this pandemic affected you & your family?

“My family and I have been affected by this pandemic because it has made us feel uncomfortable to go out when we need to because my parents’ immune system is not as strong and they run a huge risk if they were to be infected.”

2.How has your way of living changed?

“My way of living has changed because I have had to adapt to carrying and mask everywhere and disinfecting everything.”

3.What do you plan to do once all this is finally over?

“I plan to visit my grandparents because I have not been able to due to the social distancing.”

4.Did you have any summer plans that were ruined due to the pandemic? If so, what plans were forced cancelled?

”My family and I were planning to go out of town the week of Spring Break and that trip was cancelled two days before leaving. Most of the senior activities I looked forward to were cancelled.”

5.How have you entertained yourself during this pandemic?

”I have started a lot of at-home projects with my family.”