Bowie High School student describes at-home learning with younger siblings

Bowie High School student describes at-home learning with younger siblings

Ivette Gallegos

We all know that being in online school is stressful and distracting enough, but what about with children living around you?

Bowie High School senior Sarai Zamora is living in a household with two of her sisters while all three of them are doing online school.

Zamora has two sisters: Estephania Zamora, 8th and Anny Zamora, 3rd. Zamora says that her mother helps her with her siblings, but there are times where children can get hyper or start fighting. Her mother jumps into the situation by just getting their attention and telling them to calm down and do what they are supposed to do. Zamora says that each of the girls have a separate room to go into so that they won’t distract each other or make too much noise. That is very helpful for them, everyone wants a space of their own.

Zamora says that her sisters aren’t really much of a distraction since again they are all separated by different rooms in the house. She adds that it is stressful being in online school and having children around because they ask her for help, and sometimes you don’t remember stuff from the 3rd grade when you are in 12th. Zamora finds it stressful that they expect her to know everything since she is the oldest.

“I hate that they make me even more stressed because they expect me to remember what I learned in third grade when I barely even remember what I ate yesterday,” Zamora says. Times are stressful at the moment, but we are all strong enough and there is always an answer to make things feel better.