Loco for Legos: Bowie High School student showcases Lego collection

Loco for Legos: Bowie High School student showcases Lego collection

Marisol Gollaz

Deyuan Arias, 16, attends Bowie High School and is absolutely obsessed with Legos.

He said that he started liking Legos at the age of eight when he saw his favorite Youtuber. At the time, the channel was named after “EvanTubeHD.” Arias got amazed when he saw the most popular Lego collection on that channel.

One evening, Arias asked his mother, Judith Arias, if she could give him Legos for his birthday, Arias first Legos were the Ninjago. Since then, he always asked for Legos on Christmas, birthdays, Easter, etc. He started his collection at the age of nine and saw progress at age of 10.

Arias says that Legos are special to him because that is where he got all his imagination from, also because that was the first toy that he really enjoyed playing with, without getting bored. “Every year that passed, there were always improvements in my collection,” Arias said. “Every time I see my collection, it brings me good memories from way back.”

When Arias adds new Legos to his collection, it makes him feel good about himself because he is doing one of the goals he set himself when he first started liking Legos. Arias has about five to six bins full of Legos, and still tries to collect as many as he can.

Arias is appreciative for his mom because she helped him through the process and never once missed buying Legos for him. He is willing to save his Legos and not give them away. In the future if he has children, he wants to pass it on to them. Arias does not want to give them away to someone else because those Lego were part of his childhood.

Arias wants to send a message for all children that want to accomplish a goal or want something they dream about having. He wants children to know that nothing is impossible, and if they really want or dream about having something, to always keep their head up and stay positive. “Never think that anything is impossible, try your very hardest to get what you want and never give up,” Arias said.