Many Bowie High School struggle with online learning

Many Bowie High School struggle with online learning

Victor Rodriguez

Many Bowie High School students feel that online school has been a failure so far. We are all struggling, especially us students. Since the very first week of school, we students have been having many issues with our MacBooks. Whether it be that we don’t have one or that we have issues with it, we are struggling.

Teachers say they are concerned for us, but many do not show that concern when we fail to show up for Zoom meetings or turn in work due to our MacBook not working. The district must stop expecting us to be efficient and start helping us by providing the technology we need.

In my journey, I came upon a fellow student called Angela Martinez. She is a senior like me and just as other students, she has had a fair share of problems during online school. Martinez (12) believes that online school is the best decision the district has made up until this point. Just as other students, she feels as that she is learning less virtually than in face-to-face. She also claims that teachers are very fast paced, but she understands that’s due to them having about 100 or more students.

She does not have a Mac since she was having problems with it due to it not turning on all of a sudden. “When teachers give us lots of homework, I feel stressed because we can’t learn the topic properly and the teachers just throw homework at us,” Martinez said.

If she could change anything about online school, Martinez says she would most likely want to remove any type of test or quiz to take some stress off every student’s shoulders. I am very sure that just like her, many students feel the same way about online learning. I strongly believe that if students unite and start making the district listen to us, we can make a major difference that benefits both the teachers and the students.