COVID-19 affects El Paso businesses


Photo: RSJ Mobile Car Wash via Facebook

Daniel Enriquez

As we all know, COVID-19 is a pandemic no one saw coming and it affected all of us in many ways. The pandemic not only haunted us in our normal life, but it also affected the way we go to work.

Victor Salvador is the CEO of RSJ Mobile Car Wash here in El Paso. According to Salvador, he had to modify the working environment for his workers and the customers. “We are now using face mask every time we talk to customers and are wearing gloves at all times,” Salvador said.

We can all agree that wearing face mask and gloves for more than one hour can become irritating, but RSJ employees do it for more than eight hours. “We do this to protect ourselves because we have had customers come in here calming that there was a person with COVID-19 in the vehicle and they come to get it sanitized and clean,” Salvador said.

Many people think that car washes don’t do much, but in reality, they help keep the biggest transportation device clean and that is not an easy job. We all hope this pandemic goes away and will only be in future textbooks, but this may not be leaving until next year.

“I personally think that this could be over in five months, but only if everyone follows the sanitary guidelines but this will most likely go away although it will take some time,” Salvador said. “Before COVID-19, I would feel comfortable walking to the mall or just being in public in general but now I feel concern to see someone without their face mask and that is truly sad.”

All of us are used to talking to others and being around people in general, so being isolated is very drastic, but is very helpful and very much needed.  “Stay home and only go out if needed, let’s be wise and take care of ourselves and our loved ones, let’s stay healthy, wash your hands and wear face mask,” Salvador said.