El Pasoan raises awareness for autism

El Pasoan raises awareness for autism

Natily Gonzalez

Millions of people around the world are diagnosed with autism, and a local mother wants to spread awareness to the disorder.

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, is sharing her insight and own perspective on what autism is and basic information to deal with it.

Anonymous said that autism has changed her life in many ways. “Dealing with autism has made such a big impact in my life because I never thought I would be in a situation where I had to deal with autism in general. It was really hard for me to get used to this new concept that was brought in into my life. Also learning all about autism was really hard to get used to,” Anonymous said.

The mother says spreading autism awareness is very important and more including the new generations in this year. She adds that knowing this information can be helpful for people barely introduced to the topic.

“I believe that spreading awareness is very helpful because there is a lot of people who don’t know anything about it and it would be useful if you ever come across and autistic person. For example, there is many things you might not know about autism such as that they are sensitive to certain clothes, smells, and fabric materials. I just think that having a heads up in the topic could be something you need in your life,” she said.

The woman explains that autism is something you should be not ashamed of because it is only a unique trait you portray.

“Autism to me is just a unique trait that some people are born with. I don’t like to think of it as something wrong because it isn’t, it is just a path for stronger people,” Anonymous said.

The mother encourages everyone to learn more about autism and be prepared when you encounter someone who suffers from it.

“I think that some of the most interesting facts you need to know is that they are really sensitive to hard noises, clothing fabric, certain smells, and etc. This is a heads up that an autistic person might react a certain way depending on the situation,” Anonymous said.