Coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on holiday season


Photo: UChicago News

Marisol Gollaz

This has been one of the craziest and saddest years ever — who expected to be spending a year this way? It’s sad to know that no one can’t do a lot of things people would normally do without COVID-19. Now, who wonders about what family and friends think about spending their holidays during quarantine because of the pandemic?

Bowie High School Junior Ricardo Olivares, 16, thinks that the virus was something that we did not see coming. “It’s a sad reality to know that we could have prevented this virus from spreading more and being able to spend perfect holidays with family and friends. But unfortunately, many people did not pay attention and now things are worse. It is really sad to know but this is reality and it must be faced,” Olivares said.

Ricardo Olivares

Holidays are always the best part of this time of year, especially when spending them with your loved ones. To know that this 2020 year isn’t going to be the same as other years is upsetting, and to know that a lot of people can’t spend holidays with all their close one’s sucks. But there has to be ways that everyone can make their holidays normal and special at home.

Olivares says he’s okay with not having normal holidays, but he’s willing to make them as special as he can with his family. “They are very beautiful days and even if this virus is there, we have to spend it as best as we can and try to forget everything that the pandemic has brought us,” he said.

A lot of people can make this year’s holidays special, even if there’s a whole pandemic going on. The important thing is that everyone actually enjoys having a good time around the people they care and love, but the first important priority is making sure your family is safe before any holiday. “This year will be a little different from previous holidays, I will stay home with my loved ones and make a special holiday dinner,” Olivares said.

Family, right now, is the only important thing everyone should be concerned about, especially because of the bad situation going on around the world. It’s important keeping in mind that your family is safe first, before celebrating any fun holiday.

“I’m more concerned about keeping my family safe, a life is worth more than any holiday. I always keep in mind that this pandemic will end in the future and many more holidays will follow, that’s why I must take care of my family so that I can continue to be able to enjoy more beautiful moments,” Olivares said.