Student discusses holiday season, job losses amid pandemic

Photo: Boston Globe

Photo: Boston Globe

Victor Rodriguez

Many Americans have been left without a job due to the pandemic, and it is really hurting them. Some people are more affected than others due to their financial status. We are in the holiday season and the question that is on the minds of some people is, “How will we spend the holidays this year?”

Some people are more fortunate than other and still have a job or money, but those who don’t are concerned. They worry if they will have the money to buy their kids anything for Christmas and they worry more about what they’ll do about rent, food and utilities.

The graph here represents the decrease of employment in the United States and sadly it might go even lower for the months of November and December. With this being said, we hope that everyone stays safe and has indoor plans for the holidays.

Sophomore Kevin Rodriguez says that he is very fortunate to have a dad who has his own company, yet he still worries sometimes if one day he won’t be able to get a job. “We might be doing good right now, but nobody can foresee what might happen next,” Rodriguez said.

He doesn’t think that the holidays will be celebrated any differently at his residence, since every other year his family hosts Christmas dinner for the same people.

“If we end up doing something different, it might be something minor, other than that I think it will be the same,” Rodriguez said. “My parents already know that I want the PS5 for Christmas and if I end up being lucky enough, on Christmas Day I’ll be opening a brand new PS5.”