Seniors remain disappointed as fall semester ends

Ivette Gallegos (12)

Ivette Gallegos (12)

Daniel Enriquez

We all know that senior year of high school is supposed to be the most memorable. Unfortunately, the only thing memorable for the class of 2021 is the undertaking of COVID-19.

“I’ve been feeling down about my senior year. I’ve always wanted to be part of all those activities like the senior walk, pep rallies, parades, Hoco, prom, senior picture day, etc.,” Ivette Gallegos said. “Now I won’t be able to do any of those anymore since the pandemic is putting us on pause.”

For the safety of the students and staff, the district had to put everyone in online learning. Although it may seem disappointing some still try to make it work. “I try to participate in the Bowie Insta stories to be involved in something, even though it’s not the same” Gallegos said.

The school tries to make the senior year amazing, but many students think more could be done. “I feel as if school is trying to do something but they are not trying enough.” Gallegos said.

Because of the pandemic, many plans were ruined. This year may be memorable but it does not mean it’s a good year. “This year is memorable, but not because of a good cause. This year has scared me in so many ways and I hope that next year it starts to clear up” Gallegos said.

This year doesn’t affect everyone the same; the underclassmen must be also suffering. But the seniors are the one who took a hit because of their senior year being in a horrible pandemic.