It’s a girl! Baby born during pandemic


Monique Diaz

Isabella Nova Quintana was born during a global pandemic. Irene Quintana, the aunt of Isabella, expresses how she feels having a new member of the family during this difficult time.

Quintana feels a little scared that the mother of the baby, her sister in law, might get sick from COVID and put the baby in danger.

The Quintana family feels excited for the new member, but also frightened at the same time.

“My mom and I feel down because we won’t be able to be in the delivery room or even be able to hold the baby when she’s born,” Quintana says.

Although Irene wasn’t able to experience the “normal” delivery, she believes the hospitals are doing their best to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Quintana stays home, washes her hands more often, and doesn’t get close to her brother or the mother of the baby so that the pregnancy goes smoothly.

The Quintana family is excited to have a new baby, but never expected to have a baby born in a pandemic!