Should college be free?

Should college be free?

Damaris Martinez

Many students finish high school and go to college. Others finish high school and prefer to get a job because they don’t have money to pay for college.

In my opinion, college should be free because many people don’t have the money to pay it. I think the main reason why people don’t have a career because it can cost a lot. Yes, there’s the FAFSA and many other things that give you money, but it doesn’t pay for everything you need. Loans can also help you with money, but you need to pay them back, and for a long time.

If the government made college free, we would see a change. I think we would see how a lot of people start going to college and complete a career. A lot of people need this opportunity — they’re smart students who want to go to college and their only problem is they or their parents don’t have the money.

Having an education helps people have a good job a better life. There wouldn’t be people in the street try to get money because they couldn’t finish college. This opportunity can be a big change in the world, and would give a lot of opportunity to people that really want to do it. That’s why I think college should be free.