Student weighs in on mask debate

Student weighs in on mask debate

Marisol Gollaz

Since Covid-19 started, everybody was expected to wear masks at all times while out in public. At the time, wearing a mask on a daily basis was something no one had ever done before, and that was unusual for everyone. To shield ourselves and those around us from the virus, wearing masks was required to prevent ourselves and those around us from the virus. With time, we all got used to wearing masks, and it’s part of our daily routine.

Some people believe it is acceptable to walk around without a mask, while others believe it is not. “I think it’s a dumb idea (to not wear a mask), but it is up to you if you want to wear it,” Oscar De La O, 12th, said.

Oscar De La O, 12th

People have been saying that it is now possible to be without a mask without getting in trouble, but not everyone feels safe without one. Others may believe that Covid is no longer as bad as it once was, but the majority of people believe that it is still a serious problem that everyone should be aware of – especially if you haven’t been vaccinated.

“I think we should keep wearing a mask because not all people have been vaccinated,” De La O said.

Today, everyone is free to choose whether or not to wear a mask in Texas; it is up to you to make the choice that is right for you. “I will continue using a mask because I’m young and I don’t know if I have the virus and if I’m on the street without a face mask, I can infect people,” De La O said.

Since not everyone is at ease or trusting in getting the vaccine, several individuals choose to continue wearing masks instead of being vaccinated. Many people are afraid of the Covid-19 vaccine because they believe it is dangerous and can cause serious side effects, but this is not the case for all.

“I would like to get the vaccine. I think it’s more effective because it prepares your immune system to defeat the virus,” De La O said. “The vaccine has been made by big different companies and they wouldn’t ruin their reputation by making a vaccine that will kill people.”