Student discusses use of pronouns in today’s society

Student discusses use of pronouns in todays society

Natily Gonzalez

In this present moment, Bowie High School students share with us their own thoughts on the importance of pronouns in this generation, as they have become a trending topic recently.

One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, touches on various questions that people often ask. They shared what they know about pronouns and how it has had a great impact on today’s society. They also shared what the pronouns meant to them and their own thoughts about it. “Pronouns are the way you address people, they are chosen by an individual because of how comfortable they feel with them,” they said.

The student also talked about the ways you could talk to someone without disrespecting their pronouns. They also explain some simple ways we can ask nicely without being mean about it. “A good way to ask someone about their pronouns would be to call them in the plural. I think this way they don’t get confused at all and it’s quite nice because there are people who get offended by this, so you have to be respectful. You can also use his name, but you will need to use pronouns on some occasions,” they said.

They also felt comfortable enough to share with us today what pronouns mean to them and how they identify themselves. They talk about how important this topic is to them and how they wish they could share it with everyone. “I am personally comfortable with she/they pronouns. I identify as a woman but I am also neutral. Also, not many people know,” they said.

The student was also kind enough to show us the most pleasant way to introduce someone to pronouns when they are new to the subject. They talk about how to share it with someone who is still stuck in the “old” days. “I think the easiest way to explain pronouns to someone is to say that pronouns are basically the gender you identify with and what you would like to be called. Also, this is easy to explain to people who are against all new things,” they said.

Lastly, they tell us how to approach someone whose pronouns you don’t know without being rude in any way. They gave us some examples and lines that you could use if you ever need them. “I would say that if that person already asked you to call them a certain way, then do it because they told you for a reason. I think it’s the easiest thing to do honestly because it’s not difficult to change some things here and there to respect them,” they said.