How to Buy the 2021 Yearbook


Ana Cruz

Hello fellow students, today I am going to tell you some quick things about the 2020-2021 yearbook.

First, I want to talk about what’s in it; of course they are memories or moments that had happened through the year. We covered many topics, such as sports, COVID-19, programs, small projects and so much more.

We, the yearbook staff, would really appreciate if you could buy our yearbook that took lots of work throughout the year. We had to go around many places to take pictures, we had our writers come up with big articles, and more.

Inside each book is all the things we have done this year. Even though the pandemic happened, we still kept on going. You will even learn things from other people that you didn’t know, or of your own school as well.

Teachers, coaches, and other students also helped out to get the materials we needed. So, we hope you can consider everyone’s hard work and buy a yearbook, and you will not regret it. We are asking you to please buy our yearbook, and see with your own eyes all the cool things that are in it.

The yearbook can be yours for just $70! You can pay online by clicking HERE, or stop by room B136 or email [email protected] to pay with cash.