The Perfect Halloween


Photo by Isaac Chavez

Isaac Chavez

Halloween is one of the most famous holidays of all time; it’s the best season to wear scary costumes and eat a lot of candy. Halloween is a holiday in which many people celebrate it in different ways; some like to go to trick or treating, some like giving candies, and others attend costume parties.

This holiday is one of the most interesting because it’s a night where you can do a lot of activities like eating your favorite candies, dressing up however you want, and entering those scary haunted houses. All this could be done either with family or with friends, because the only thing that matters is to have a good time.

That gave us an idea to interview students here at Bowie to see how they celebrate Halloween and what makes it perfect for them. The people that were interviewed were Marlene Loya, Jacquelyne Alonzo, and Ricardo Chavez.

One of the questions they were asked was about the traditions they participate in every year on Halloween.  “One of the traditions that I do is dress up and go out for candy,” Loya says.

Many other students agree that this is one of the most popular things to do on Halloween night. Costumes are also a very important part of Halloween because that is what makes the night scary and also has a fantasy element.

“My favorite costume is Jack Skellington because it’s a classic and it always reminds me of Halloween,” Alonzo said.

Another question they were asked was about some of the activities that they do during the day. “Some of the activities that I do during this day is relaxing, watching scary movies and eating a lot of candies, and when I was little I use to go and trick or treat,” Chavez responded.

Everybody does different activities during this day, but something that everyone does on this day is to eat a lot of candy.

The importance of Halloween is to make the whole day as happy as it can be. Celebrating with family and friends is a good way to have a better experience with more activities to do.

“I like to spend that day with my family and friends since they always make me laugh that day,” Loya said.

The last question they were asked was about, why do you think Halloween is one of the most famous holidays? And what makes it different from other holidays? “I think Halloween is one of the most famous holidays because you can dress up as whatever you want and you can get to go door to door to get all types of candy,” Alonzo said.

No matter how they choose to celebrate the holiday, it’s cool to see that every student celebrates Halloween in different ways.