Why do people reject what is different?

A Bowie High School student focuses in class.

A Bowie High School student focuses in class.

Karla Rivera

Many students who come to the United States from Mexico for the first time can find it difficult to reach a new country with new customs, languages, etc.

How can you help these kids who suffer rejection for not knowing English?

A 15-year-old boy, who wants to remain anonymous, tells us a terrible case that happened in a secondary school towards him as a person for not knowing English. He says it filled him with sadness and disappointment.

One of Bowie High School’s LPAC clerks, who regularly works with English language learners of all levels, says it’s an unfortunate problem.

“I believe that all teachers give their best, but as in everything, there are good and bad people,” Ms. Sanchez said. Sanchez adds that discrimination based on language stems from “a lack of values.”

As this is an ongoing issue for many students, teachers are offering a solution to the problem. Mr. Renteria suggests “dialogue with each other and accept that we have different cultures.”

Until the issue is resolved, many teachers at Bowie are striving to improve students’ English language acquisition, no matter the subject they teach.

“Some teachers believe that it is more important to give the reading in English to raise the goal,” Mr. Renteria said.