Bowie students discuss Christmas gifts ahead of holiday break


Picture taken in my house on December 12, 2021 showing Christmas tree and gifts

Isaac Chavez

Gift-giving is a tradition which always happens during Christmas, the best part for many people because that’s when you receive or give others because you appreciate them. Also, it represents the joy of Christmas because you receive gifts that you may use throughout the year. The only bad thing about gift-giving is not receiving what you wanted or getting something that is really in bad condition because this may lead to having a very bad memory about that day.

That’s why we decided to interview some of the students here in Bowie to see their plans for gift-giving this Christmas and their memories about past presents. The three that were interviewed were Sasha Giron, Alonzo Cereceres, and Irving Vidal.

One of the questions they were asked was about the gift list that they had for this year in which Giron responded, “A big black puffer jacket; the reason why I choose a big black puffer jacket is that I will be attending New York in January and if you do not have that type of jacket you’re not from New York.”

I think that we could all agree that when it’s time to do a gift list we always try to decide only some main things to make it possible for it to be gifted.

The 2nd question they were asked was if they were planning to give gifts to anyone to which Cereceres responded, “Yes, I would like to give my parents something and also give something to a few of my friends.”

For this celebration, we should always think of those who always give us a gift, which are our parents that is why if we have the opportunity, we should give the best gift to them.

The 3rd question was about what was one of the worst gifts they have ever received in which Vidal answers, “The worst gift I ever receive was last year because my aunt gifted me hand sanitizer.”

There are sometimes when we will not like every gift that we receive but we all have that gift that we did not even use because we did not like it at all but in the end, we should appreciate them.

The 4th question they were asked was about the best gift they have ever received which Giron responded, “The best gift I received was a trip to Chicago.”

We all like that type of gift that you wanted a while ago and that was your favorites because your attitude change from normal to having more happiness.

The 5th question they were asked was that from their family who the ones were who receive the most gifts. Cereceres said, “I think that my nephews always get a lot of gifts probably because they are little.”

We always have somebody in the family who almost has half of the tree gifts for them. It’s more common to see it from kids that are little because at that time they are the favorite of the family.

“The purpose of gift-giving is to demonstrate the affection that you have for others,” Vidal said.